Friday, July 29, 2016

What is coming in LedgerSMB 1.5

LedgerSMB 1.5 rc1 is around the corner.   I figure it is time for a very short list of major improvements:

  1.  A one-page app design which provides better responsiveness and testability
  2. Speaking of testability, we now have selenium-based bdd-tests as well (and a test coverage starting to approach reasonable -- remember, we started with no tests).
  3. We have spun off our database access framework as PGObject on CPAN.  This is an anti-ORM, basically a service locator framework for stored proceures.
  4. Quantity discounts
  5. Many stored procedures moved from PL/PGSQL to plain SQL for better type checking
  6. Full support for templates transparently stored in the PostgreSQL database